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Landscape/Design and Installation

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The dirty truth - landscaping is enormously important! Landscaping not only brings freshness, charm and beauty to your home that you can enjoy for years, it really does increase your home's market value. A home that’s cozy, comfortable and relaxing is everyone’s dream, and landscape designing can help you achieve just that. PLUS it can make a world of difference by improving a first impression & setting the tone of your home (and of YOU) as soon as someone drives or walks by. A beautiful landscape that is eye-catching is as pleasant for neighbors and visitors as it is for you. Who doesn't want a stunning outdoor space surrounding the home?

Landscaping is more than removing weeds and planting grass. It's an art! First of PLANNING (Landscape/Design) your entire outdoor space from the driveway & front yard all the way around to your back yard. Then of ARRANGING (Installation) the extensive variety of landscape elements
including planting beds, perennial gardens, shrubs (flowering & foliage), trees (fruit, shade, ornamental), mulch (wood chips, stone), walkways, patios, firepits, fences, fountains, etc. Landscaping can have dramatic and amazing results regardless of the outdoor space size from small to large; terrain contours from flat to hilly; soil types from sandy & dry to fertile & lots of moisture; and for the homeowner who is a beginning gardener to a master!

The happy truth - a beautifully designed landscaping contributes significantly to our well-being and quality of life too! Living within an aesthetically pleasing environment is relaxing, rejuvenating & joyful! Studies prove y
ou can get rid of your stress by simply looking at a manicured garden.

What do you do now?
Call us & schedule a FREE consult for a Landscape/Design and Installation. Our designs are truly inspired by the landscape elements most important to you! So whether your dream yard is designed for entertaining a crowd or just relaxing with a good book, we'll pull out all the stops to take it from blah to breathtaking.

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Landscape/Design and Installation