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Season Opening May 1st

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Opening 5/1/2020 - We are always on for your call... even during off season.


Our Favorite!

Hostas are one of the most renowned of all perennials and are a must have for shade gardens. So many people only think there are two kinds of hosta: green, and white and green. They are hugely mistaken! Incredibly, there are 5000+ different kinds of hosta that very in amazing palette of colors, sizes from miniatures to giants, textures and flowers. They are a wonderful compliment to other shade perennials such as ferns, bleeding hearts and coral bells. Amazingly, there are now some newer varieties that even like sun!

You really can find a hosta that fits every sort of landscape. Miniature hosta work wonderfully in troughs, containers or the increasingly popular fairy garden. Giant hostas make spectacular, eye-catching landscape specimens. Warning - hostas can easily become an addiction!

We invite you to walk through our hosta gardens and enjoy our 'labor-of-love' collection —which just continues to grow and grow! We welcome any questions you may have about this extraordinary, easy to care for perennial. If there is a particular hosta that you are looking for that we do not have, rest assured we probably want it too - we will find and order it for you.

View our Hosta Photo Gallery For More Pictures!

Pearl Lake
Rainforest Sunrise