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Our Favorite!

Hostas are one of the most renowned of all perennials and are a must have for shade gardens. So many people only think there are two kinds of hosta: Green, white, and green. They are mistaken, for there are 5000+ different kinds of hostas in an amazing palette of colors, sizes, textures, and flowers. They are a wonderful compliment to other shade perennials such as ferns, bleeding hearts, and coral bells.

Miniature hostas work wonderfully in troughs, containers or the increasingly popular fairy gardens, while the giant hostas make a spectacular landscape specimen. Hostas can easily become an addiction! We would love for you to walk through our hosta gardens and enjoy our collection of hostas—which just continues to grow—as well as ask us any questions you may have about this perennial.

If there is a particular hosta that you are looking for that we do not have, rest assured, we will find it for you.