Bauman Nursery and Landscaping

Get ready to smell like dirt!
We open April 28th

BUSINESS HOURS:  Closed for the Season
Gift Certificates always available... Just call or message!
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Welcome to our website!
On behalf of Bauman Nursery & Landscaping LLC, we’re delighted you’re visiting us and letting us share our very personal, core passions with you – living in the country, preserving the family farm, working with plants of all sizes and colors, and beautifying our precious God given land. This family business is founded on our unrelenting labor of love to uphold and protect these passions, while re-purposing our family dairy farm. All of us at Bauman Nursery & Landscaping LLC are committed to excellent customer care and working hard to do things right! Our goal is simple - to exceed your expectations. Your satisfaction, trust and loyalty are as important to us as sustaining our passions!

Thank you again for visiting our website! Return visits are FREE too, and a great way to check on what’s happening during our fun filled season at Bauman Nursery & Landscaping

Sprout Out Opening Weekend| April 29th - May 1st
Mother's Day Weekend | May 6th - 8th (All Roses are 15% off!)
Annual Bare Root Tree Sale | April 29th - May 8th or until gone!
Grace in the Garden | Last Wednesday night in June - August (Reflect, Renew, Rejuvenate in our gardens during once monthly musical fellowship)
Hosta and Daylily Flash Sale!
Harvest Hangout | Saturday, September 17th 9am-4pm
Christmas Barn | 3 weekends - November 17th - 20th, 25th - 27th & December 2nd-4th

Can You Dig It!
Monthly interactive & fun classes. Details and sign-ups will be on our Facebook page.
- September's Fall Lantern Class info is here!

We’d love you to Follow, Like & Share us on Facebook for nursery news, plant posts, exciting events and special offers! Connecting with you is what strive and thrive to do, just like the roots of our plants to our land.