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Trees, Shrubs & Perennials


There are two types of trees: Shade and Ornamental.

Shade trees are very effective for attractive backdrops, screening, and of course, shade—which helps reduce energy costs and creates a beautiful retreat.

Ornamental trees create attractive backdrops or screening all the same, but at a lower level since these trees tend to be more compact in size. The smaller size allows them to be placed in many areas throughout the landscape enabling you to enjoy their beautiful blooms, foliage, fragrances, and even fruit. We would love to help you choose the proper tree for your landscape needs. If we do not have it in stock, we insist you make the request anyway; we more than likely can get it for you.


When looking at shrubs, the possibilities are endless! All the different varieties that are available offer many size, color, shape, and texture options. Shrubs provide function in the landscape through privacy screening, foundation plantings, wildlife habitat, beauty, and fragrance.

Do not feel overwhelmed by all these options, we would be happy to offer suggestions on shrubs that will work for your location, keeping in mind the size of the shrub, light requirements, and the overall look and feel that you are trying to achieve in your landscape.


Perennials are appreciated not only for their flowers, but also because they only need to be planted once! They do die back to the ground in time, but will again grow in the spring. A little maintenance is required, but we will be happy to guide you through this relatively simple process. Perennials come in all shapes, sizes and colors, along with different bloom times. There is a countless variety to choose from, but you can rest assured that they will add beauty to your gardens and landscapes for years to come.

We will be happy to help those 'Do It Yourselfers' design and pick out plants for their projects.

Will deliver locally.